Varsity Prep For Fall

I’m loving this Fall’s preppy varsity look – it seems to be all about faux uniforms, crests emblazoned on blazers, and the revival of the ‘campus’ look. Some of my favorite additions to the style roster would be coat-of-arms necklaces, ‘ivy league’ jackets, and faux horn-rimmed thick framed glasses (although really, they’re just the wayfarer style with clear lenses).

Puppy Tooth Jersey Jacket My fav so far, prolly for the name. It also sounds soft.

I think this collection of badges and brooches is what got me started on this concept. I have already dug out a few blazers and brooches from my wardrobe and this weekend I hit the mother load when I found a huge collection of vintage badges from various Scottish games at an estate sale.
Here is a sneak peak of what I will be posting over the next few day to my Etsy shop.

A couple of accessories that I am diggin on right now is this big ass hair clip and wallet2wear.


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