Lookit Lookit!

I am totally geeking out over what I just found on Ebay and had to tell someone!

Do you see what this is? An uncut Todd Oldham sewing pattern (love him. love his BFF Amy Sedaris. love Charlie Harper. I have for over 20 years now). But when I saw this I said "holy shit- that ugly shirt has every single one of his collectible buttons on it!"
Then I squinted a bit and said "I know that brod. Is that Morena Baccarin? aka Anna from V!"

Totally worth the 7 bucks to find out! There are 2 left if anyone is interested....
size 14-18 and size 20-24


lsaspacey 6:41 AM  

Awesome! I was really into sewing Vogue back then but I didn't remember him having any patterns. This is so cool, lucky you.

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