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I know I know- all of these paper things! But I can't resist. I keep finding such cool designers and services, like Pic Pads, where you can create custom note pads.

For years Laura Eiman, founder and CEO of PicPads, has been producing custom photo notepads as gifts for family and friends. Due to their popular demand, Ms. Eiman launched PicPads as a formal business on Thanksgiving Day, 2005. PicPads received tremendous press and the product took off. To date Ms. Eiman has produced over 15,000 sets of pads. PicPads was selected as one of Rachael Ray's top 10 favorite gift products in 2007.

"I am grateful to all my customers and the media. Your enthusiasm for PicPads has empowered me to build PicPads into a successful sustainable business that gives back. I donate 2% of all net sales to Heifer International to help feed the hungry. My goal is to have a set of PicPads on every kitchen counter in America by August, 2010, and to become the next Project Red. My goal is to donate 50% of the net sales to feed the hungry. An even higher goal is to empower other women-owned businesses to reach their greatest potential and donate 50% of their net sales to the needy too. "
Pic Pads


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