Tufted Headboard

I really like this headboard by Lockwood Design. We happen to have lots of crappy plywood that would just love to be covered in 2 inch foam and some swanky fabric and then tufted and hung above my bed. I am not sure that Mr. Hubby will like this idea but got-dangit! I need something to soften the blows against the wall whilst in the throws of passion!
I tried to find a video on making such a headboard but had no luck. I did find several sites offering help on the matter tho... here here here and here.


Phoebe 7:59 AM  

Agreed! I love that headboard! How do those women who paint their bedrooms purple or black get their menfolk to go along with the idea. I, like you, prefer the more mod furniture whereas my baby daddy is into creature comforts like the sofa that we already have-a sectional with built-in recliners. It's huge and comfortable (which he loves) but, it completely overwhelms the tiny living room and is not stylish at all. I'd also like to repaint the living room a warm gold that would be a suitable palette for all of the colors I prefer. He wants it red. Give me a break. I want to tell him to stop watching Trading Spaces circa 2002, but I love him so I just think it on the inside.

Erika 9:52 AM  

Ha! Trading Spaces 2002!
I wish there was a cool alternative to those crazy ass sofas that guys dig. There's gotta be some way to hip it up.....

Anonymous,  9:56 AM  

Foam is so expensive at Joann Fabrics. I recommend ordering it online instead.

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