Boomhut’ Treehouse Bed by Marjan Godrie
Organize your fabric remnants with these free remnant templates.

Turn old sweaters into beer cozies.
Love this little swimsuit. So girly!

Love these (diy-able) gift tags!



Is anyone interested in purchasing either of these items? I am not sure if I can post them on Etsy and I'm afraid they will be lost on the Craigslist crowd.



New Shop items. Check em out!
Avant Garage


Simple storage by 5.5 Design
The Wiecha (Wreath) Project is a lampshade inspired by traditional Polish folk customs.



One Woody Click Dollhouse For Sale!

I have spent the past 2 years trying to get Sophie interested in her Woody Click dollhouse with not much luck. It occurred to me this week that I've got it all wrong! She is into fantasy not reality. She needs to trade in her house in the suburbs for a princess castle!

These are the two best choices that I have found so far. The Melissa and Doug Folding Princess Castle . And the Belle Fairy Castle. They will go nicely with her little Disney Princesses.
Does anyone have any other suggestions?



Sorry about not posting too much this week. I have actually been looking for a day job. Yea, I know. Money is tight for everyone. Luckily for me, the dog industries is still going strong. If fact it is growing by leaps and bounds. Which means that little ole me can put my Master Certification for pet grooming to use to make a few bucks.

Problem is- I don't want just any job. I want a high profile salon with a large clientele. The job interviews that I have been on are less than glamorous.

One guy, omg, he asked me to "take a quick eye exam while I was there". Ok, I'll play along. He handed me a quiz with 10 questions on it. 3 questions into it I said "I think my sister has sent me this a few times in an email" It was the fucking test that Dr. Phil gave to Oprah!!! What the fuck does that have to do with my job qualifications? Because I choose brown over red, or cross my legs so that no one see my va-jj when I sit makes me a bit introverted?!

I have been offered a job at each place I visited but my overall feeling when I leave is more like "I should open my own damn shop and do it right". No one puts any effort into the decor. They all look like crap. I could make my shop look amazing! I would use all of our products to make it look modern and eco-friendly. I would use natural products. I would even have a line of products private labeled to sell for resale.

The other thing that people in the pet grooming biz, or most business for that matter do is under charge in an effort to "stay competitive". Not me. If they want $19.99 Save Em Down they can go to Petco. If you want someone who is award winning, master certified and loving and peaceful and genuine then they will pay me a bit more for that. Right?
So, does anyone want to invest? ;)

Dog photos are by Susan Sabo Photography.



Mr. McGroovy

I was looking for toy castles the other day when I stumbled upon Mr. McGroovy's Cardboard Rivets. Mr. McGroovy also offer FREE plans to make 16 different cardboard playsets like this castle and pirate ship.



Been staring at this incredible piece of art by Mathieu Leyssenne all day....




Took a midnight train goin anywhere

Had a delightful little weekend! Well, it's not quite over but I am super sunburned from a day at the beach. Took the girl and drove to the Rivera of the west. Laguna Beach. Nice. I had a choice- either sit in the shade with sunscreen on or bite the bullet and get a burn and hope that it turns into a tan. That seems to be the only way that my white ass gets color and this time of year, living in So Cal you gotta have a tan!
So now I am chillin under the ac in my p.j.'s slathered in aloe trying to decide what I want to do with my future and listening to a cd that Rhianne sent me THANK YOU Rhianne for the yummy chocolate and the beautiful necklace and the cd!!!! I am laughing me arse off at the fact that one of your favorite songs is "Don't Stop Believin". I used to love that song too, WHEN I WAS 10 YRS OLD!!!!! God I'm old.....
Also, my "pay it forwards" will be in the mail soon. Honestly I was planning on getting gifties at the Renegade Craft Fair but that turned out to be a huge disappointment. So now I am scrambling to come up with a better idea.



Crazy 4 Cult

Crazy 4 Cult starts today in L.A. at Gallery 1988 Los Angeles.



DIY Fashion Books



DIY Fashion

I have been feeling the need to revamp my wardrobe, but my poor pocketbook is having a dryspell. What to do? What to do? Perhaps it's time to think outside the mall. To get a bit creative and crafty! Time for some DIY Fashion!

Outi Espoo of Finland has an amazing blog about diy fashion which is where I found a how-to for making a chain vest (bellow) and where I discovered Maulou Paul who makes contemporary jewelry out of worthless items (above).

This is one of those sites that I get lost in links with and waste several hours.

How to spray paint accessories to make them seem new again.
Free paper craft jewelry to make here. Lots to choose from. I think I would make them out of other materials, like thin plastic or wire mesh or even starched fabric.

Winter will be here before you know it. Make this twisted ladder scarf.
Canadian living has tons of ideas like how to sew a stylish metallic handbag. Or a list of fab summer knits and crochet patterns.

I came across The White Owl Etsy shop and found so many pieces to be so inspiring. Great ideas for turning some of my old broken pieces into new accessories. It gives you a new way to look at that bag of junk jewelry for $1 at the thrift stores.

Make these easy lace earrings.

Ruffle shoulder piece tutorial.

Paper chains necklace. kinda silly....

Turn a full skirt into a bubble skirt.
Make your own Martin Margiela sandal booties.

Burda Stlye has tons of free patterns, (like this great skirt) tutorials and many many helpful techniques.

How to make a ruffled vest by Threadbangers. If you have not heard of Threadbangers before- I warn you know to leave yourself a few hours because it is really easy to just watch and watch and watch their videos and lose track of time.

Craftster and Instructables are fantastic sources for patterns, ideas and help.
Make a halter from a crew neck t-shirt.

Think outside the mall and before you know it, you'll have to make a rack to hang all of your newly made clothes!


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